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Even though the web makes it easy to search out the products 
we want to buy, sometimes that mountain of information makes 
it almost impossible to find the best deal. 

To solve this problem there are "personal online shoppers" 
which help you seek, find, and comparison shop multiple 
offers for just about any product you want to buy, online or 

An online personal shopper-type service enables you to log 
on to a single site, enter the product details you want to 
search, and then have the website give you back a list of 
prices and places where you can purchase the item. 


The personal shopping assistant sites that rate the best 
don't accept commissions for the sale of items through their 
services because getting paid based on what the customer 
buys would eliminate unbiased product comparisons. 

The best services make their money by selling targeted 
advertising to merchants and only displaying products in 
their search results based on price and features.